If you have been a member of Bristol Quilters for five years or more you will be able to become an alumnae should you decide to leave the group.

You will be able to attend up to five meetings a year (excluding the AGM) at a cost of £3 per attendance but you will be required to let the Membership Secretary (currently Sorcha) know of your attendance a minimum of three days before.

You will be on the waiting list to rejoin Bristol Quilters above all non-alumnae people for five years unless you inform the Membership Secretary that you do not wish to be on the waiting list.

You will have access to the BQ website, including the Members area, for five years and will be informed of any password changes.

You will receive a copy of the new programme every November.

You will receive invitations to events which are not fully subscribed to by current members’.

If you attend any activities (e.g. workshops, outings) you will pay the same price as non-members.

If you request to rejoin the group before the end of the five years it will be on a first requested basis and you will be given the first available vacancy (even if that is after five years has passed).

After five years the Membership Secretary will email you and confirm that you will be removed from all lists.