Committee 2017-18

Ann Moody   –   Chair 

I’ve always enjoyed sewing. My first foray was designing and making clothes for my teenage doll (pre Barbie days). My first attempt at patchwork was when my daughter was a baby – the part finished quilt is still in my possession but I’m not sure if it’ll ever get finished. I started quilting again when I was living in the South of France, all thanks to an enthusiastic American lady. I am also a member of Westbury Park Quilters and the Quilters Guild, which I think plays a very important part in preserving the heritage and future of quilting.

Alison Murphy  –  Treasurer

I’ve been a member of Bristol Quilters for some 20 years and Westbury Park Quilters for nearly as long.  I enjoy a aspects of patchwork and quilting and also exploring how new techniques and other crafts can be incorporated into what I make.

Pat Hooper  –  Secretary

I have always enjoyed stitching, mostly embroidery.  I began by learning Japanese embroidery but found this too formal a way of stitching, so I did a course with a tutor who had graduated from the Royal School of Needlework.  I have done a bit of quilting but decided to learn how to do it properly so am currently doing a course with Lynne Quinn.

Sorcha Torrens – Membership Secretary

I have been sewing and quilting for as long as I can remember.  My mother and grandmother taught me when I was young and I enjoy going on courses and learning new things now.  Apart from making quilts I enjoy making bags, soft toys and sometimes clothes, probably the thing I am most proud of making was my dress and my husband’s suit for our wedding.

I live in a little flat with a lovely garden with my husband James and our two rescue cats Poppy and Percy.  When I am not sewing, I work for an Architectural Design and Build company running the interiors department and in my spare time I enjoy gardening and growing things on our allotment.

Ruth Case – 2018 Programme Secretary

I have always been interested in crafts and making things; dolls houses and bird tables with saws, decorations and presents with paper and card as well as clothes by machine in the 60’s.

I made my first quilt with the help of Beth Gutcheon’s book and a sewing machine in 1977 but did no further quilting until I attended classes at The Patchwork House.  I was introduced to rotary cutting, the colour wheel and inspiring quilt teachers.  I liked the geometrical patterns and became more accurate with my piecing.

I joined Westbury Park Quilters who provided encouragement and company for trips to quilt shows.  A few years later I joined Bristol Quilters as they invited well known speakers on a monthly basis as well as workshops. As I neared retirement I studied for the City and Guilds certificate in Patchwork and quilting and once fully retired I have been doing the Diploma.  It has allowed me to explore design and mixed media. Recently I have resumed patchwork with modern designs and fabrics and have set up a modern quilting group in the Bristol area.

Once the diploma is finished I hope to explore a variety of techniques and develop a style of work rather than flit around doing all sorts – we will see.

Helen Clark – 2019 Programme Secretary

Details to follow.

Diane Bell – Refreshments

I was inspired to begin quilting when I saw quilts in America.  My first class was  at The Quilted  Bear in Clifton Down in 1992.  I loved the quilting and was an avid hand quilter for years, I then became a ‘ closet ‘ machine quilter and finally purchased a Sweet 16 in 2014 . I have made some very special life long friends through quilting; we visit shows in the UK and in America.

Jo Clymo Hall Co-ordinator

I have always enjoyed sewing but in 2005 I walked past a quilt shop in Singapore (where we were living) and went “WOW, when I saw the amazing creations hanging in the window”.  I went in and asked to sign up for classes right away and here I am in 2016 still quilting away.  I love the quilting community and it has helped me to make friends each time I have moved somewhere new.  I love taking classes and going to quilt shows as they are always so inspiring. I joined the quilt guild, region 5 in 2008 which was very helpful for finding Bristol contacts when I was still mainly living abroad.  I joined Bristol quilters in 2014 when I moved back to Bristol.

Pat Kirston – Hall Co-ordinator

My very first memory of sewing was hand embroidery at Junior School, then progressing onto the green gingham cookery apron and skirts at Secondary School.  It then progressed onto dressmaking for myself, my daughters and occasionally granddaughters.  Quilting came along later when a local quilt shop started quilting classes and I was hooked.  I have been a member of Bristol Quilters for 4 years and also a member of Westbury Park Quilters.

Anne Harrington – Hall Co-ordinator

Details to follow.