Workshops 2019

Below are details of the workshops running for 2019.

Wednesday 6 March – Linda Seward – How to make a Fiddle Quilt

Fiddle Quilts at their best stimulate conversation and help spark memories.  They are made using highly visual and tactile materials incorporating fabrics with different textures and pictures with pockets, flaps and zips.  They are ideal for people with restless hands and like repetitive activities.

Wednesday 3 April – Anne Hellyer – Set the Town Alight

Create a beautiful 3D wrap “Townscape” suitable for use with LED string lights or a battery operated tea-light candle. Anne can provide all the materials for an additional cost ( probably £12.50 ) if needed.   A full requirements list will be provided

Wednesday 5 June – Catherine Lawes – Layered Landscapes

Using silks, chiffons, painted bondaweb, tyvek and other exotic fabrics to create all atmospheric landscapes.  Includes hand and machine stitching and free cutting of fabrics. Catherine can offer packs of suitable fabrics to order

Workshops are initially offered to members and if not full a few weeks before the workshop date then places will be offered outside the group.

If you click on the link below, you will get to the workshop booking form.

BQ workshop booking form

Helen Clark is our 2019 Programme Secretary.  Email the form to her (details on the form) and she will confirm whether there is space available.  You can then pay direct into the BQ account (details on the form) which is our preference if possible to save a trek to the bank to pay in cheques, or hand the completed form and cheque to Helen.  If you pay direct, please confirm to Helen that you have done so.

Please note – a booking form must be completed and given/sent to Helen.  She will then email a workshop requirements list.

Sorcha Torrens is the 2020 Programme Secretary.  If you have any suggestions for speakers or workshops please let her know.